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Booklets chapters (20 pages)

  • All I could see was suffering all around me and within me. 

  • The 1000 practices of avoidance.

  • The magic of not-knowing. 

  • Your darkness is beautiful: Everything you want is in all the emotions you are pushing away. 

  • The strange signs of healing. 

  • The end of “me”.

  • Nourishing your energy.

  • Toxic forgiveness.

  • The north star.

What people say about the booklet

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All I could see was suffering all around me and within me.

Nothing made sense to me about this world.

✓ Physically & emotionally abused by a mentally unstable mother. A major surgery as a child. Years of bullying. I was no stranger to suffering. 

✓ So I went to a Dzogchen meditation retreat center and practiced dzogchen meditation 6 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 4 years straight. 

✓ Through my teacher's guidance, I discovered freedom from suffering in the midst of intense physical pain, heartbreak and the darkest thoughts.

✓  My mind got blown. The absence of stories gave rise to peace of mind & a deeper connection with all there is.

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